Our Hosting Solutions

All of our hosting solutions are designed with freedom and control in mind, each service comes with a fully customizable panel to manage all your services through. We also provide extra features for those wishing to eventually move their current hosting with us to their own self-hosted solutions.

Web Hosting

We’re starting off by taking a lot of core fundamental mechanics, services and features that help every individual, business with their day-to-day and improving on security and privacy. We even offer a range of SEO solutions to help your business be found easier and more often when searching online.

Suite, Cloud Storage & Mail Hosting

It can be hard finding a reliable solution to manage everything online and worse when you end up having to sacrifice your own privacy and information for the sake of the service, well not here. We’ve setup a wide range of online solutions to easily help anyone to easily make the switch and removes the concern of private data loss.

Game & eSport Hosting

It now just got even easier to connect with your friends and play locally, introducing our new range aquired from Haven Host, we offer a wide range of gaming services including  temporary setups and sponsorships for esporting and other gaming tournaments/competitions.

Dedicated & VPS Hosting

If you’re looking to manage your own solutions than this is the route for you, we provide all hosting and maintenance services on the hardware but give you complete control over what, how and when you use your server leaving it all up to you.