Introducing Scope

The All-In-One School System

What Is Scope?

Scope was designed for schools and also by schools, we created long-lasting relationships with many schools around the country which rely on technology for their everyday routine and learning, and managing all of that with ease can be somewhat troubling when there’s so many different sources or 3rd party software.

Helping You Connect In A Safe Environment

This is where Scope is different, is was designed for schools to only need one solution, being Scope itself as a fully automated and self-contained solution for any needs a school might have. Along with an extensive plugin API on top of a REST management API anyone can build off and add functionality as they see fit. We designed Scope to put learning institutions back in control of their own data, information and technology although for those who can’t, we offer a wide range of exclusive enterprise solutions to help you set up or a line of cloud hosting services.

Student & Faculty

With our easy to use admin panel comes a simple student and faculty management system including users, roles, permissions and more customization options.

Active Directory

Now it’s easier than ever to auto create new network accounts for your users with instant linking into existing active directory services or just use Scope to manage all of active directory for you.

Roll &

Time is on everyone’s mind all the time and now it’s easier to get new students ready to learn and keep track of their attendance to help set goals and plan for the future.

Monitoring &

You can keep tabs and have notifications on specific students that are falling behind to help set goals and organize better methods to help a students learning.

Solutions & Tools

If for some reason a student can’t make it into the school doesn’t mean their learning has to stop with new online course planning and learning platforms.

Network Deployment
& Administration

With instant deployment tools you can easily send out new installations of scope to new devices you need to install and set up on your network.

Self Hosted
vs. Cloud Hosted

Whether you want complete control and to host your own scope system or securely host it on a private cloud platform the choice is entirely up to you.

Dedicated Support
& Administration

If you require we can provide technicians to come on-site to maintain, update and manage your system and even after hours in the event of an emergency.

Student & Faculty
Wireless Networks

From Scope you can easily manage and run dedicated wireless networks for your users to connect from wherever they are on the grounds.

Advanced Privacy
& Encryption

Right off the bat we ensure we monitor all potential security exploits and find ways to prevent possible threats from hijacking or stealing your data.

Billing & Financial

Manage all your bills, invoices and payments from our built-in billing platform with dynamic linking to any user or asset under your control on the scope system.

Web Portal &
Online Access

Now students, parents and teachers can even connect and continue to work outside of the school with direct connections to your scope services.

Interested In Using Scope?

Just submit one of our contact requests and a representative will reach out to you.