Our Products

Introducing Scope

Scope was designed for schools and also by schools, we created long-lasting relationships with many schools around the country which rely on technology for their everyday routine and learning, and managing all of that with ease can be somewhat troubling when there’s so many different sources or 3rd party software.

This is where Scope is different, is was designed for schools to only need one solution, being Scope itself as a fully automated and self-contained solution for any needs a school might have. Along with an extensive plugin API on top of a REST management API anyone can build off and add functionality as they see fit. We designed Scope to put learning institutions back in control of their own data, information and technology although for those who can’t we offer a wide range of exclusive enterprise solutions to help you set up or a line of cloud hosting services.

Not only does Scope make it easier to manage your school’s IT system but it comes with extra enhanced features such as student profiling/monitoring, progression, rewards/achievements and much more to also benefit the students and school alike.

rePOS is designed to put you in control, with advanced customizations and settings to really make it your own and it also comes with it’s own developer API to allow anyone to extend existing functionality as they want.

Your Own Point of Sale

Many businesses have to rely on subscription services or many other reliable products which they then have to figure out how to incorporate or link into other platforms and solutions which is never easy for anyone.

rePOS is our new, “redone”  Point of Sale System, designed at offering businesses more control over their financial and shopping management. It’s designed to run in and off any environment with the ease of access to dynamically link into existing platforms & infrastructure. It comes packed full of features ready to jumpstart your business in the modern industry with links to our own exisiting ecommerce platforms and services so if your store is closed you can still trade online.