New Business Support Packages

It’s been a very hard year already for so many, not only personally but for many their businesses and livelihood has been subject to tremendous declines as we all tried to preserve businesses as best we could during the lockdowns, however many businesses weren’t and still aren’t prepared for possible situations happening again in the future. This is why we’re introducing our new business support packages aimed at helping businesses affected or still being affected by the loss of business get back on their feet while also opening up new avenues to reach potential customers and continue trading during an unforseen store closure.

Is My Business Eligible?

Almost all businesses will be eligible for these packages but much like government subsidies and grants only businesses which can provide evidence or projections or a minimum 20% decline in income, profit or other operating declines such as employment, customers, etc.

How Support Packages Benefit Your Business?

Most of our services and pricing bundles are designed to support small businesses and future proof them with reliable systems and technology to allow them to continue operating regardless of unforseen circumstances.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about our business support packages you can read more about it here.